Earth’s Wildest Waters: The Big Fish (BBC-2 25 Oct 2015 with Ben Fogle)

AIRDATE: Sunday 25 October at 8.00pm on BBC Two

Episode 3 of 6

Presenter Ben Fogle and the six remaining anglers travel to their most remote destination yet – Laos, the only landlocked country in South East Asia.

The people in Laos fish for survival, not for sport. The anglers will be on a journey of discovery, fishing in the white water around the Khone Falls, the widest rapids in the world, fed by the mighty Mekong River. They will have to cope with extraordinary weather and tough terrain to secure their place in the competition.

Judge Matt Hayes will be joined by Mr. Mai, the headman of his village on Baan Hangkon Island. First, the anglers must battle the blistering heat and the ferocious currents of the falls using traditional bamboo pole and line. They will have to bring all of their experience from home and apply it to this immense river. On their second day in Laos the anglers move 10km downstream to the calm section of the Mekong that forms the border with Cambodia. They will have to master the skill – and balance – of traditional cast netting from small wooden boats.

Finally, the anglers face their hardest fishing task yet: exploring the raging water in the heart of the falls to discover what species of fish live there. For this they will finally be able to use their own Western sport fishing equipment, to see if they can discover anything that the local traditional methods cannot.

The heat, the terrain and the simple equipment make this the toughest leg of the expedition yet.

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