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Extreme Food Sri Lanka Extreme Food Sri Lanka


Extreme Food: Sri Lanka (Channel 4 15 Apr 2017 with Kiran Jethwa)



In Extreme Food, airing on Saturday 15 April at 12.20pm on Channel 4, Kenyan chef Kiran Jethwa travels to remote and spectacular corners of the planet to discover the world’s finest ingredients on extreme journeys testing more than his taste buds.

In this episode, Kiran endures death-defying and claustrophobic conditions when he visits the coastal region of south-west Sri Lanka on the hunt for fresh tiger prawns and a naturally fermented palm wine called toddy. Kiran’s first stop is the Madu river estuary, where he holds his breath and dives for large tiger prawns inside a claustrophobic traditional wooden river trap some three metres deep in the water.

From there, Kiran heads to the coastal strip, where he joins some extremely skilled toddy tappers: men who walk barefoot between the palm canopies collecting toddy, a Sri Lankan form of palm wine. Kiran negotiates a perilous ascent and traverse along a network of makeshift high wires 100ft up in a series of palm trees. Then, with all his ingredients harvested, Kiran prepares his own twist on Sri Lankan curry with some colourful accompaniments.

Series Director: Tom Whitworth
Series Producer: Sarah Andreasen
Executive Producers: Amber Larre, Mark Leslie
Production Company: Quite Bright Films

Extreme Food: Sri Lanka airs on Saturday 15 April 2017 from 12.20pm-12.55pm on Channel 4



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