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My Family, Partition And Me: India 1947 (BBC-1 9 Aug 2017 with Anita Rani)



My Family, Partition And Me

Anita Rani explores the human impact of the Partition of India through the intimate stories of four British families, including her own, in new two-part landmark BBC One series My Family, Partition And Me. Using compelling first-hand testimony from British Partition survivors, their children and grandchildren retrace the dramatic journeys they were forced to make during Partition.

Representing the different communities caught up in the violence – Muslim, Hindu, Sikh and British colonial – they travel for the first time to the homes in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh that their families fled in terror. Their journeys include emotional meetings with long-lost family friends, encounters with neighbours of other religions who shielded their family at huge personal risk, and extraordinary stories of courage and fortitude among the horrors of the communal violence that had erupted.

Anita Rani and her mother become the first members of their family to return to the small village in Pakistan where her grandfather lived until 1947. Anita investigates the shocking and distressing events that happened there when her grandfather’s first wife, children and her great grandfather lost their lives.

My Family, Partition And Me: India 1947 Episode 1 (of 2) airs on Wednesday 9 August 2017 from 9.00pm-10.00pm on BBC One.



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