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Father Brown: The Angel of Mercy (BBC-1 4 Jan 2018, with Wanda Ventham)



Father Brown Mark Williams

In The Angel of Mercy Father Brown senses that something sinister is afoot when Mrs. McCarthy’s friend Freda dies in her sleep.

Mrs McCarthy (Sorcha Cusack) visits Freda (Janet Dale) at Powderham House residential home, and finds her friend at the end of her tether with her painful illness.

With death hanging over Kembleford, the gang attend a local handyman’s funeral, where they are joined by Caitlin (Roisin O’Neill) – a new addition to St Mary’s who has been thrown out of a convent.

Father Brown, Mrs McCarthy and Caitlin visit Freda, but Mrs McCarthy has a run in with Matron Sophia (Badria Timimi) after she denies Freda more painkillers. Waiting for the others in the lounge, Bunty (Emer Kenny) bumps into her old nanny, Ellen (Wanda Ventham), now in a wheelchair, but not letting it stop her living life.

The next day Mrs McCarthy gets a call that Freda has passed on; a single white dove feather at the scene indicates that she may not have died of natural causes…

The Angel Of Mercy was written by Dan Muirden.

Series: Father Brown Season 6 Episode 4 (of 10)

Air Date: Thursday 4 January 2018
Time Slot: 2.15pm-3.00pm on BBC One.