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Father Brown: The Jackdaw’s Revenge (BBC-1 2 Jan 2018, with Kate O’Flynn)



Father Brown The Jackdaws Revenge

In The Jackdaw’s Revenge Father Brown struggles to protect those closest to him when an old foe is unexpectedly released from prison.

On the day of her execution, Katherine Corven (Kate O’Flynn) is unexpectedly exonerated and released, much to the dismay of Father Brown (Mark Williams), Mrs McCarthy (Sorcha Cusack) and Bunty (Emer Kenny).

Waiting outside Sonning Prison, Robin (Paul Cawley) and Eddie (Katie Buchholz) from the Kembleford Gazette, push their way through the crowd of reporters to hear Katherine say that those who wronged her will answer to God.

Father Brown later discovers that the Corven’s old cleaner confessed to murdering Katherine’s husband, explaining her sudden release, but Father Brown is sceptical of this new information. Katherine’s new intention to become a nun raises more alarm bells with Father Brown, who sidesteps Eddie’s questioning on the case and heads over to speak to Katherine’s former prison officer Frances.

When he arrives he finds her in the position Katherine escaped from: hanging, with a noose around her neck…

The Jackdaw’s Revenge was written by Kit Lambert.

Series: Father Brown Season 6 Episode 2 (of 10)

Air Date: Tuesday 2 January 2018
Time Slot: 2.15pm-3.00pm on BBC One.