Father Brown: The Kembleford Dragon (BBC-1 3 Jan 2018, with Sophie Duval)

Father Brown Mark Williams

In The Kembleford Dragon, Father Brown must stop a much-loved institution from going off the rails when the local stationmaster is murdered.

Julia Webb (Sophie Duval) boasts about her award-winning hanging baskets to Mrs McCarthy (Sorcha Cusack) as Ben Webb (Neal Barry) shows station inspector Deepak (Amerjit Deu) around the train station.

Pandora (Jessie Cave), the new cleaner at St Mary’s, gets off the train and immediately frustrates Mrs McCarthy. Deepak leaves a poster for Ben, and as Julia pins it on the noticeboard, Ben collapses from a heart attack: the poster reads ‘Notice Of Closure’.

During a village hall meeting, Buddy Arnold (Martyn Ellis) tells the crowd that he will be running a replacement bus service when the train station closes – but Julia can’t contain her anger and throws water in his face.

A fete is held at the station in an attempt to save it, and Julia orders Ben off to the washroom to smarten his appearance. But when he returns he is in a much worse state than when he left.

He is stuffed inside a trunk and his head is dripping with blood.

The Kembleford Dragon was written by David Semple.

Series: Father Brown Season 6 Episode 3 (of 10)

Air Date: Wednesday 3 January 2018
Time Slot: 2.15pm-3.00pm on BBC One.

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