Finding Me A Family airs Tues 5 Dec on Channel 4

Finding Me A Family Channel 4

There are over 2000 children in England in care, waiting to be adopted. Children in sibling groups, or older than five, or from different ethnic backgrounds, or with additional needs, or several of the above, struggle the most with finding families. On paper, many adopters have traditionally preferred babies or toddlers. So what if prospective parents were to meet face to face with children waiting to be adopted? How might human interaction and chemistry figure?

Finding Me a Family, airing Tuesday 5 December at 9.00pm on Channel 4, follows adoption activity days organised by the children’s charity Coram. It’s a party that could change the lives of both the kids and the adopters. These events attracted controversy when they were introduced from the US six years ago – but they have proved successful, with one in four children who attend going on to be adopted.

In this programme, 13 prospective parents and 10 children meet at a jungle-themed party in the Midlands. Enjoying the fun are four siblings aged between six months and six years. But with sibling groups being the hardest to place of all, they face being split up unless a new family can adopt all four. The party is also one of the last opportunities for two young brothers from a minority background to find a family to keep them together. Another boy has already been separated from his siblings – will today’s event lead him to find a new family?

Series Producers: Alex Kohler, Mark Henderson
Executive Producers: Joanna Ball, Nina Davies
Production Company: Ricochet

Finding Me A Family airs Tuesday 5 December from 9.00pm-10.00pm on Channel 4.

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