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First Dates Series Return Mon 18 Sep on Channel 4



First Dates

The Bafta Award-winning show First Dates is back, and as summer draws to an end, the First Dates restaurant re-opens its doors for a new term of love. Maître d’ Fred helps calm the single souls who are nervously hoping to find their special one. Political activist Lettie, who’s 23, is looking for her intellectual equal. But, despite being clued-up on politics, she’s clueless on love. Her date is 26-year-old Cambridge graduate Fred. If he knows as much about wooing women as he does about political affairs he might be on to a winner.

Octogenarian Doreen isn’t ready to give up on love and wants a man to keep her on her toes. She meets 86-year-old author James, who’s ready to write the next chapter of his love life. Stockbroker Pearse, who’s 24, may be financially savvy, but when it comes to love the numbers don’t add up. His date is 27-year-old teaching assistant Liberty, who’s looking for a man who can handle her ‘right amount of crazy’.

And 41-year-old physiotherapist Abby is ready to get her hands on the man of her dreams. Her date is 47-year-old single dad Adam, a self-proclaimed ‘glass half empty’ kind of guy searching for a lady who’ll help him see the glass more full. Their date gets off to an eventful start as Abby’s nerves get the better of her.

Series Producer: Vari Innes
Series Editor: Jon Crisp
Executive Producers: Barnaby Coughlin, Michele Kurland
Production Company: Twenty Twenty

First Dates Series Return Episode 1 airs on Monday 18 September 2017 from 10.00pm-11.05pm on Channel 4.



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