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Food Unwrapped: Instant Tea and Pork Scratchings (Channel 4 15 May 2017)



Food Unwrapped

Jimmy Doherty, Kate Quilton and Matt Tebbutt uncover more unusual, intriguing and surprising secrets behind the food we eat. Jimmy wants to know where the flavour in his Earl Grey tea comes from. The ingredients mention bergamot, but what exactly is it?

Jimmy visits southern Italy to find out. Back on home turf, Jimmy meets a man whose latest invention caused uproar on social media: instant tea, with no bag required. But how does squirty tea from an aerosol can match up against good old-fashioned tea from a bag? Why aren’t pork scratchings made from British pigs? To find out, Matt sets out on a remarkable journey that takes him from a pork scratching factory in Lancashire to a hospital operating theatre, where pig skin is being used for cutting-edge orthopaedic surgery.

And Kate visits the world’s largest producer of jelly beans, in California. They don’t contain gelatine, so what is the jelly in a jelly bean? Kate uncovers the secrets of jelly beans at what must be one of the most colourful factories in the world.

Executive Producer: Nicola Pointer
Series Editor: Sandy Watson
Production Company: Ricochet

Food Unwrapped airs Monday 15 May 2017 from 8.00pm-8.30pm on Channel 4.