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Food Unwrapped Meat Special airs Tues 22 Aug on Channel 4



Food Unwrapped

Food Unwrapped goes mad for meat in a one-hour special programme. Jimmy Doherty, Kate Quilton, Matt Tebbutt and guest presenter Kiran Jethwa travel the globe to find out about the latest innovations that are making our meat more sustainable, healthier and better for the planet.

In Belgium, Matt discovers a new breed of cattle with more muscles than Arnold Schwarzenegger, which could be coming soon to a field near you.

In Thailand, Jimmy finds out which animal produces the most meat for the least amount of feed, and is surprised to find a slimy solution on the rooftops of Bangkok.

Kate examines the possible health implications of antibiotics in pig feed. Matt continues his bovine odyssey in Canada, where a little-known sea-faring tradition could hold the key to fighting the 180 million kg of methane that cattle produce every year: more than the planet’s planes, trains and cars combined. And in South Africa Kiran Jethwa finds out about a red meat that tastes like beef but is far more sustainable.

Executive Producers: Nicola Pointer
Series Editor: Sandy Watson
Production Company: Ricochet Ltd

Food Unwrapped Meat Special airs Tuesday 22 August 2017 from 8.00pm-9.00pm on Channel 4.