The Frankenstein Chronicles Season 2 Episode 3 (ITVEncore 15 Nov 2017, with Tom Ward)

Frankenstein Chronicles Season 2 Episode 3

Season two of The Frankenstein Chronicles continues with episode three airing on Wed 15 Nov at 10.00pm on ITVEncore. In the third episode the Pye Street plague intensifies, and Marlott (Bean) is moved by the plight of those affected. The street’s residents have been left to die in abject poverty without assistance from either church or state.

Marlott and Spence (Francis Magee) transfer the bodies of the victims to the communal burial pit, marking the doors of the dead with a cross. Marlott runs into an old foe, child catcher Billy Oates (Robbie Gee), who is back in town and working for a travelling show. Marlott is convinced that Oates knows the whereabouts of Lord Hervey, as Oates covered for Hervey when Marlott was framed for Flora’s murder.

Oates is adamant he does not know anything, as he has been away at sea and has not seen Hervey. Peel (Tom Ward, pictured) is starting to feel the pressure from the public as the lies printed in the Evening Chronicle rile the community. Peel warns Inspector Treadaway (Paul Kennedy) to make some progress with the murders or they will all be out of a job. When another murder is discovered in Westminster, the police are first on the scene.

The Frankenstein Chronicles Season 2 Episode 3 airs Wednesday 15 November 2017 from 10.00pm-11.00pm on ITVEncore

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