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Our Friend Victoria Episode 2 (BBC-1 18 Apr 2017, with Richard E. Grant)



Our Friend Victoria

Episode two of Our Friend Victoria is presented by Victoria’s close-friend Richard E. Grant, who recalls the times they used to meet in St. Martin In The Fields simply to watch the world go by.

He looks at how moments like this made Victoria a master of observation, and at how her Northern roots – along with people-watching in everyday life – inspired a raft of characters and sketches that spanned the social scale. Whether it was sending up the clichés of Northern hardship or mocking snobbery, pretentiousness, ambition or the lack of it, Victoria delighted in deriding the British class system and the neuroses it can inflict.

Clips include classic sketches featuring Victoria as Kimberley’s friend; Jim Broadbent’s fabulous Northern playwright; Susie Blake’s unforgettable Continuity Announcer; Celia Imrie’s oh-so posh Miss Babs (from Acorn Antiques); Patricia Routledge’s extraordinary monologues as the snooty housewife Kitty – and not forgetting Is It On The Trolley?

Appearance from friends and fans including Julie Walters and Michael Ball along with rare photos from Victoria’s own personal archive, make this series a must-see for Victoria Wood fans.

Our Friend Victoria Episode 2 (of 6) airs on Tuesday 18 April 2017 on BBC One