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Galapagos Secrets of the Deep Galapagos Secrets of the Deep


Galapagos: Secrets of the Deep (BBC-1 6 Apr 2017, with Liz Bonnin)



The second of three episodes exploring the Galapagos islands, Secrets of the Deep airs on BBC One on Thursday 6 April at 9.00pm.

In the episode Liz Bonnin and a team of scientific experts set off beneath the waves to explore this spectacular archipelago. It’s an exciting opportunity to delve into a world that largely remains a mystery to science.

Venturing down in the Nadir, a specially equipped deep sea submersible, Liz goes in search of an elusive ocean giant, the mola or sunfish, to understand more about its little-known behaviour in the deep.

En-route back to the research vessel Alucia, Liz checks in on a playful sea lion population to see how they have been affected by a recent extreme weather event, El Niño.

Back on board the Alucia the team set sail north for the most remote and inhospitable islands in the Galapagos – Wolf and Darwin. Here, Liz joins a team tagging and tracking Hammerhead sharks (who school at this location in huge numbers) as they attempt to unlock the secrets of the sharks’ stunning behaviour.

But nothing can prepare the Alucia crew for the power of the ocean in this isolated marine wonderland…

Pictured is a Fur Seal Pup in Galapagos

Galapagos: Secrets of the Deep Episode 2 (of 3) airs on Thursday 6 April 2017 from 9.00pm-10.00pm on BBC One.



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