The Galaxy Britain Built: Droids, Darth Vader And Lightsabers Premieres Thurs 21 Dec on BBC-4

The Galaxy Britain Built - Droids, Darth Vader And Lightsabers

Star Wars super-fan David Whiteley celebrates the unsung British heroes behind the original 1970s Star Wars film.

The first BBC documentary about Star Wars for 20 years includes previously unheard stories from the people who made one of the most successful movies of all time.

Against the odds they made George Lucas’ vision a reality – at a time when science fiction had no box office and very few people in the industry believed a space movie would be a hit.

Presenter Star Wars super fan David Whiteley, pictured, who has his own connection to the original film (he was born on May 4th) – tracks down the often-modest British talent who brought the galaxy to life, and reveals the secrets of the creation of some of the most famous costumes, props and sets in movie history.

From St Maarten to LA and London to Oxfordshire, David travels the globe to meet some of the true heroes who worked on the original film – including John Mollo, who won an Oscar for his costume design, in his last ever interview.

The Galaxy Britain Built: Droids, Darth Vader And Lightsabers airs Thursday 21 December 2017 from 10.00pm-11.00pm on BBC Four.

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