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Gordon Buchanan: Elephant Family And Me Premieres 26 Dec on BBC-2Gordon Buchanan: Elephant Family And Me Premieres 26 Dec on BBC-2


Gordon Buchanan: Elephant Family And Me Premieres 26 Dec on BBC-2



We will be seeing quite a bit of Gordon Buchanan on the BBC this Christmas. Not only is he presenting one off specials Life in the Snow and Life in Polar Bear Town, he also has two parter Elephant Family and Me on BBC-2. It premieres on Boxing Day, Monday 26 December at 8.30pm/

In the series, Gordon travels to a remote Kenyan wilderness to get closer than we’ve ever been before to African elephants. Gordon will embark on his biggest challenge yet as he tries to gain the trust of a wild elephant family and learn to walk with these majestic giants.

Though one of the planet’s most loved and most intelligent animals, African elephants can be more dangerous to get close to than any predator, killing hundreds of people in Africa every year. With their numbers across Africa plummeting as poaching continues to fuel the global trade in ivory, Gordon wants to get a deeper understanding of how humans’ troubled relationship with elephants can be healed.

With privileged access to Tsavo East National Park, home to 11,000 elephants, Gordon trains with local expert Benjamin Kyalo from the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. As Gordon follows the epic survival struggle of an elephant family, he tries to win the trust of a feisty teenage mother, Wendi and her new baby, Wiva.

Only with Benjamin’s unique relationship with the herd is Gordon able to get spectacularly close to the elephants on foot. In rare and extraordinary scenes, Gordon steps out of the vehicle to immerse himself with the family, and also has a chance to get close to last surviving ‘super tuskers’.

Can Gordon learn how to walk with wild elephants to see if Wendi can keep baby Wiva alive? And what does it take for a new baby elephant to survive in today’s Africa?

This is the astonishing story of the largest land animals left on Earth, seen like never before.

Gordon Buchanan: Elephant Family And Me Episode 1 (of 2) airs Monday 26 December, 2016 on BBC Two from 8.30pm – 9.30pm.


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