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Gordon Ramsay on Cocaine Final airs Thurs 26 Oct on ITV



Gordon Ramsay on Cocaine Episode 2

In the second and final episode of this two-part documentary, airing on Thursday 26 October on ITV at 9.00pm, Gordon Ramsay continues to explore the global cocaine trade.

Cocaine is now the most frequently-used class A drug in the UK, and the country consumes 30 tonnes of the drug each year. In his own industry, the restaurant trade, use of the drug is rife and Gordon is determined to strip away the drug’s glamourous image. He teams up with the police and military, both at home and abroad, who are battling to stop the highly lucrative trade of cocaine.

The episode begins in Colombia, where Gordon joins a high-risk helicopter mission with the SAStrained elite anti-drugs squad known as the ‘Anti-Narcoticos’. Gordon returns to the UK, where he meets a major cocaine dealer brandishing two packets of cocaine, each worth £70,000, and a recovering addict who spent over half-a-million pounds on her habit.

Heading back to Latin America, Gordon arrives in Honduras – the world’s cocaine warehouse. In Honduras, he witnesses the aftermath of a brutal murder and meets an armed assassin who boasts of having killed 120 people in drug-related ‘hits’. Gordon also meets a smuggler who explains how he exports cocaine from Colombia directly into the UK.

Gordon Ramsay on Cocaine Episode 2 (of 2) airs on Thursday 26 October 2017 from 9.00pm-10.00pm