Grand Designs: Ed and Rowena Waghorn Revisit (Channel 4 1 Nov 2017)

Grand Designs Season 18 Episode 9

Ten years in the making, this is the longest running Grand Designs ever. In 2007, Ed and Rowena Waghorn started to build a handcrafted five bedroom house on an eight acre smallholding in Herefordshire. Their budget was just £100k.

Made from individually carved wooden beams and walls of straw and clay, the heart of the house was to be a huge medieval style hall, complete with massive stone fireplace and a glorious cathedral-like window with panoramic views across the valley. Ed decided to do most of the work himself. Progress was slow.

Four years in, the house was still a shell. In 2012 Kevin McCloud decided to follow the build for another five years. In the end, it’s just possible this house might turn out to be a masterpiece.

Director: Ann Lalic
Executive Producer: Fiona Caldwell
Series Producer: John Lonsdale
Production Company: Boundless

Grand Designs Season 18 Episode 9 airs Wednesday 1 November 2017 from 9.00pm-10.00pm on Channel 4.

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