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Great Canal Journeys: India Premieres Sun 18 Jun on Channel 4Great Canal Journeys: India Premieres Sun 18 Jun on Channel 4


Great Canal Journeys: India Final Episode (Channel 4 25 Jun 2017)



Timothy West and Prunella Scales have been exploring canals for half a century. But this time they embark on their most ambitious voyage, along the waterways of India.

In this second and final episode, Tim and Pru leave behind the safe confines of the canals as they head out into the rarely navigated Brahmaputra river in the far north east of India. The Brahmaputra features intoxicating scenery, rich culture, and remarkable history. Tim and Pru follow an old route from the tea trade; meet a community of monks; and hitch a ride on an elephant.

Executive Producer: Daniela Neumann
Series Director and Producer: Mike Taylor
Production Company: Spun Gold

Great Canal Journeys: India Episode 2 of 2 airs on Sunday 25 June 2017 from 8.00pm-9.00pm on Channel 4.


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