The Great Housing Scandal: Channel 4 Dispatches airs Mon 13 Nov

The Great Housing Scandal Channel 4 Dispatches

The cause of the Grenfell fire is the subject of a public enquiry. But could and should it have been prevented? Kensington and Chelsea Borough Council leaders have already resigned over the local authority’s response to this national crisis. Dispatches investigates whether others could have done more in the run-up to this disaster, which resulted in the deaths of around 80 people. Most Grenfell residents are yet to be permanently re-homed, sparking outrage at the level of social housing provisions in England.

The Prime Minister has dedicated her premiership to fixing Britain’s ‘broken housing market’. But are the actions of Theresa May’s government contradicting this pledge? Reporter Antony Barnett also investigates one government scheme that could help ease the chronic shortage of social housing and discovers that opportunities to provide homes to those who most need them are being missed. Dispatches looks at those spearheading this initiative to investigate their track record on providing social housing.

Prod/Dir: Roger Corke
Prod: Alasdair Glennie
Series Prod: Andy Lee
Exec Prods: George Waldrum, Chris Shaw
Prod Co: ITN Productions

The Great Housing Scandal: Channel 4 Dispatches airs Monday 13 November 2017 from 8.00pm-8.30pm on Channel 4.

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