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The Great Village Green Crusade Premieres Thurs 1 Jun on BBC-4



The 1×90 film, The Great Village Green Crusade, follows Red Dwarf comic actor and green energy enthusiast Robert Llewellyn’s two-year campaign to persuade residents of his idyllic Cotswolds village, Temple Guiting, to generate more of their own power through renewable sources. Could it be a model for helping to wean the nation off imported oil, coal and gas?

Packed with scientific insight and explanation of the latest renewable technology, from Archimedes screws to solar photo-voltaic panels, the programme follows Robert as he tries to win over his fellow villagers with grand designs of a windmill at the top of the local hill, a water turbine in the village stream and solar arrays on parish roofs.

Robert takes inspiration from the extraordinarily rapid change in energy supply happening in perhaps the most surprising of locations – Las Vegas. In the neon-drenched gambling capital of the world, a revolution is under way, as the city attempts to power itself entirely by renewable electricity in 2017.

Back in the Cotswolds, Robert and the village face a challenge as they find the local electricity grid cannot absorb the extra load from their proposed renewable scheme. He seeks out a solution in battery technology, comparing and contrasting the cutting-edge science of lithium-ion and air batteries. Is this technology that Temple Guiting can use, and can Robert’s dream become a reality?

The Great Village Green Crusade airs on Thursday 1 June 2017 from 9.00pm-10.30pm on BBC FOUR