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Gunpowder Episode 2 airs Sat 28 Oct on BBC One



Gunpowder Episode 2

After last week’s episode there has been much made of the brutality the show featured when it came to various executions but to be fair this is the type of production that is trying to be factually accurate and it was a particularly ferocious time in which to live.

In this second episode, airing on Saturday 28 October at 9.10pm on BBC One, as the King’s network of spies close in on them, Catesby (Kit Harington) and Wintour (Edward Holcroft) attempt to raise an army for their plot across mainland Europe. Back in England, Cecil’s questioning of Lady Anne does not yield results about her cousin’s whereabouts: but is there another member of the household who’ll give him answers?

Returning to London with Guy Fawkes (Tom Cullen) in tow, Catesby assembles his gang of plotters for the first time. They know they must act fast and the plan is formed – they will strike next week, 5 November, at the opening of Parliament.

While Fawkes and Percy (Daniel West) secure gunpowder and access to the tunnels below Parliament, Catesby realises that Father Garnet (Peter Mullan) and Anne (Liv Tyler) may not be so quick to pledge their support.

When the threat of detection leads to a huge and fast-paced sword fight, Catesby must put his life on the line in an all-or-nothing mission at the Tower of London to put his plot back on track.

Gunpowder Episode 2 (of 3) airs Saturday 28 October 2017 from 9.10pm-10.10pm on BBC One.