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Harlots Episode 4 (ITVEncore 17 Apr 2017, with Pippa Bennett-Warner)



Harlots Episode 4

In episode four of Harlot’s Margaret’s debts are mounting. Lydia’s campaigns against her and Florence (Dorothy Atkinson)’s religious tirades outside the brothel are taking a toll on business, and if Margaret and North (Danny Sapani) cannot find a way to entice new clients the business could soon flounder.

Can they embrace their notoriety and use it to their advantage? An illicit masquerade could provide just the right type of publicity – but will it make them or ruin them? The masquerade could have other far reaching consequences, bringing Amelia (Jordon Stevens) closer to a surprising new friend and offering Harriet (Pippa Bennett-Warner) an unexpected way to fight for her children. Though her orders are to keep up her nightly protests outside the Wells’ brothel, can Florence finally extricate herself from Lydia’s clutches?

Samantha Morton, Lesley Manville and Jessica Brown Findlay star in this brand-new drama series about the world’s oldest profession. In 1763, London is the capital of the world, the most cosmopolitan place on Earth. One in five women in London is making her living selling sex. In some areas, brothels – run by indomitable madams – are to be found on almost every street. The one run by Margaret Wells (Morton) is in a downtrodden area of the capital, but she is making her move upwards, aiming to move her family and her girls and take a new house in the vibrant new area of Soho.

Harlots Episode 4 (of 8) airs on Monday 17 April 2017 from 10.00pm-11.00pm on ITVEncore.



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