Holding Back The Years: Ainsley Harriott (BBC-1 29 Mar 2017)

Holding Back The Years Ainsley Harriott

The third of five Holding Back The Years shows features Ainsley Harriott and airs on Wednesday 29 March at 9.15am on BBC One.

As he approaches sixty Ainsley shows viewers some great reasons to be cheerful about getting older by revisiting the area he grew up in, Wandsworth in south London.

Ainsley commandeers his own Routemaster bus to tour the area, which is driven by one of London’s oldest bus drivers, and gets words of wisdom from other passengers who’ve already passed the big six-O. Ainsley returns to the house he grew up in with his lifelong best friend and he visits a thriving community centre in London.

Plus he meets a very special lady, one hundred year old Helen Clare, who made a name for herself a singer during the Second World War. Ainsley takes Helen on a very special journey back to the London hotel she first sang in over 70 years ago and where he has arranged a surprise for her.

Holding Back The Years: Ainsley Harriott Episode 3 (of 5) airs on Wednesday 29 March 2017 from 9.15am-10.00am on BBC One

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