Holding Back The Years: Arlene Phillips (BBC-1 30 Mar 2017)

Holding Back The Years Arlene Phillips

In the fourth of fifth episodes of Holding Back The Years, airing on Thursday 30 Mar at 9.15am on BBC One, Arlene Phillips returns to her home city of Manchester as she meets people who are determined to live life to the full whatever their age. For them holding back the years means being heard, being seen and being fabulous!

Arlene tries indoor skydiving with the Growing Old Disgracefully ladies who say yes to almost anything! She goes into the operating theatre of one of Cheshire’s leading cosmetic surgeons and meets a patient in her sixties considering going under the knife.

Plus she talks to 71-year old Jenny-Anne Bishop, OBE, a transgender woman who left it late in life to make the full transition to being a woman. Arlene also retraces her steps to when she first moved to London and meets businesswoman and former model Debbie Moore to hear how even in her seventies she defies ageism as she heads the iconic Pineapple Dance Studios.

Holding Back The Years: Arlene Phillips Episode 4 (of 5) airs on Thursday 30 March 2017 from 9.15am-10.00am on BBC One.

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