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Inside the London Fire Brigade Premieres Thurs 27 Jul on ITVInside the London Fire Brigade Premieres Thurs 27 Jul on ITV


Inside the London Fire Brigade Premieres Thurs 27 Jul on ITV



Brand new three-part documentary series Inside The London Fire Brigade, premiering on Thursday 27 July at 9.00pm on ITV, offers a unique insight into the work of the Capital’s Fire Brigade. The busy service deals with around 20,000 fires a year, as well as responding to arange of incidents such as floods and road traffic accidents.

The documentary includes footage filmed by firefighters on the front line, allowing cameras to capture their terrifying point-of-view. In this week’s programme, Edric and his crew respond to the Croydon tram crash.

Seven passengers died in the crash and the team are assigned the difficult task of retrieving the deceased from the wreck. This gives viewers an insight into how the crews deal with the their own emotions in potentially traumatic situations. In Lambeth, firefighter Tami juggles demanding night shifts with the pressures of being a parent.

This episode also follows the brigade on Bonfire Night – which can be surprisingly quiet thanks to fire safety campaigns. The night takes a dramatic turn as a huge basement fire threatens to consume a whole block of flats, and the situation is worsened when the firefighters are unable to get their trucks close to the flames.

In east London, crews are called to a big explosion that has destroyed a block of flats. Fearing that people may still be trapped inside the building they enlist the help of rescue specialist Kirby, a six-year-old springer spaniel. The firefighters also talk for the first time about their experiences during the Grenfell fire.

Inside the London Fire Brigade Episode 1 (of 5) airs Thursday 27 July 2017 at 9.00pm


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