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Invasion! with Sam Willis Episode 2 airs Tues 12 Dec on BBC-4



Invasion! with Sam Willis Episode 2

In the second programme of three parter Invasion!, airing on Tuesday 12 December at 9.00pm on BBC Four, intrepid historian Sam Willis tells the story of the Barbary Corsaire pirates, who made their HQ on Lundy Island, and brings together the evidence of the little-known tale of King Louis the Lion.

This French King invaded Britain in the 13th century after being invited to do so by plotting nobles. He was even crowned at St Paul’s, but politely retreated when asked. Sam also looks at one day in 1687 when a huge Dutch task force sped up the Medway, and plots the progress of perhaps one of the most audacious attempted invasions ever – by the imposter Perkin Warbeck.

Pictured is Dr Sam Willis and Jim Glazzard at Vikingar Centre, Largs, Scotland

Invasion! with Sam Willis Episode 2 (of 3) airs Tuesday 12 December 2017 from 9.00pm-10.00pm on BBC Four.