Jamie’s Italian Christmas airs Tues 19 Dec on Channel 4

Jamies Italian Christmas 2017

Jamie Oliver draws inspiration from the snowy Alps of northern Italy to help create his most delicious Christmas Day yet. In a cosy log cabin, accompanied by his mentor Gennaro Contaldo, Jamie cooks up an epic meal for the big day, giving turkey and trimmings extra sparkle with an Italian twist.

There’s a homemade cracker ravioli and a pink peppercorn-infused Negroni; a classic turkey alongside Italy’s stuffed pork Christmas showstopper, porchetta, with Italian-style veg, a rich gravy and sticky balsamic roast potatoes. And of course, an indulgent luxurious dessert to top it all off, with Jamie’s festive tiramisu.

The programme also looks at how Italians celebrate Natale , joining the local festivities, before sharing their feast with the village.

Director: Mike Matthews
Series Producer: Sheena Whitemore
Executive Producers: Katy Fryer, Emily Kennedy
Production Company: Fresh One

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