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Joanna Lumley’s India Series Premiere 5 Jul 0n ITVJoanna Lumley’s India Series Premiere 5 Jul 0n ITV


Joanna Lumley’s India Series Premiere 5 Jul 0n ITV



Brand new series premiering on Wednesday 5 July at 9.00pm on ITV, in which Joanna Lumley travels back to the country of her birth to celebrate the great nation that it is today.

A year older than independent India itself, Joanna was born in the last days of the Raj and India was home to both sides of her family for several generations.

Joanna travels the length and breadth of India, beginning her epic journey in Tamil Nadu – on the southern tip of the subcontinent – and working her way up to the north. She travels over 5,000 miles, exploring its diverse landscapes, its different cultural traditions, and its extraordinary spirit, discovering how independence has changed and shaped it into the great evolving country it is today.

From meeting a diverse mix of people, Joanna experiences the mind-blowing mix of industry, ingenuity, imagination and humanity that India, the world’s largest democracy, has to offer.

In the first episode, Joanna witnesses religious ceremonies in glorious temples, learns how scientists are enabling people in tea plantations to live alongside wild elephants, and with the help of computers is turned into a multi-limbed Indian goddess. In Kolkata, she takes to the streets at night with a local guide and meets some members of India’s transgender community. Finally,
Joanna journeys high into the Himalayas to visit Gangtok in Sikkim where her mother lived as a child, and so holds a strong family connection for Joanna.

Joanna Lumley’s India Episode One airs Wednesday 5 July 2017 at 9.00pm on ITV.


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