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Judge Rinder’s Crown Court Episode 2 (ITV 15 Dec 2017)



Judge RInder's Crown Court

In the second and final part of this two part series, airing on Friday 15 December at 8.00pm on ITV, Judge Rinder hears from the defence witnesses, as they give evidence to clear James Byron, a man accused of murdering his wife. They’ll paint a picture of the victim as a fragile and complex character, how she’d cried wolf many times before, and importantly hear from the defendant himself.

But was this murder, or was it a tragic accident or even suicide? It’s up to the viewers to decide.

Judge Rinder guides viewers through this complex legal case before the verdict of the original jury in the case that inspired the story – but did viewers come to the same conclusion?

Crown Court, the iconic courtroom drama of of the seventies and eighties is back on our screens after a thirty-year hiatus with a brand new case, presided over by Judge Rinder.

Originally running for over 800 episodes, this classic series featured the good and the great of British acting talent from Colin Firth to Ben Kingsley, Bob Hoskins and Alison Steadman to name just a few.

Judge Rinder’s Crown Court Episode 2 (of 2) airs Friday 15 December 2017 from 8.00pm-8.30pm on ITV.