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Judi Dench: All the World’s Her Stage Airs on BBC-2 30 Dec



One off documentary Judi Dench: All the World’s Her Stage, celebrates one of Britain’s greatest actors, Dame Judi Dench, and looks back over her remarkable 60-year career.

Billy Connolly remembers the time, when filming Mrs Brown, he thought Dame Judi was falling in love with him. Samantha Bond recalls how she calmed Piers Brosnan’s nerves to prepare him for his first scene with the great actress. And Harvey Weinstein reveals how Dame Judi honoured him with a ‘tattoo’.

Narrated by Colin Salmon, along with a cast including Daniel Craig, Ann Mitchell, Sam Mendes and Sir Ian McKellan, the film reveals why Judi Dench has become the ‘second most popular woman in Britain’.

Judi Dench: All the World’s Her Stage airs on BBC Two on 30 December, 2016 from 8.00pm to 9.00pm