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Kat And Alfie: Redwater Series Final Thurs 22 Jun on BBC-1Kat And Alfie: Redwater Series Final Thurs 22 Jun on BBC-1


Kat And Alfie: Redwater Series Final Thurs 22 Jun on BBC-1



The final episode of this six part Eastenders spin-off brings the series to a close, it airs on Thursday 22 June at 8.00pm on BBC One. No word yet on whether there will be second series.

With Peter still missing following his row with Dermott, Roisin’s plans to leave Padraig for the future she has always dreamed of are derailed.

Meanwhile a concerned Adeen is found by her grandfather Padraig, walking home the morning after the night before. Since Lance’s death, Adeen has been in emotional freefall and the night before reaches a zenith. She’s in a bad way and Padraig offers a shoulder to cry on and practical advice.

Eileen is also worried. Where is Peter and why didn’t he turn up at the christening? Eileen turns to Roisin for assistance.

After searching for Peter, Eileen and Rosin find him in a desperate state which swiftly informs Eileen about the demons of Peter’s past. Peter refuses to tell the women the catalyst for his drinking.

Bernie meanwhile, is following her hunch that Lance’s death is suspicious and sets about going back over the evidence. Kieran turns out to be a help as he shares her suspicions about his grandfather’s death, and more importantly has a niggle about the behaviour of someone close to all of them.

Meanwhile, cross words are exchanged by Peter and Agnes. Confronting Agnes about hiding the truth from him for so long, Peter retreats when Agnes lashes out and shocks him with the extent of her cruelty.

Dermott returns to Redwater to bring Kathleen to Alfie to find a storm brewing. Bernie is hot on his trail and he panics. His behaviour spirals out of control, but who will he take his anger out on next?

Pictured are Eileen (Angeline Ball) and Roisin (Maria Doyle Kennedy).

Confirmed for BBC One on 22 June at 8pm to 9pm

Kat And Alfie: Redwater Episode 6 (of 6) airs on Thursday 22 June 2017 from 8.00-9.00pm on BBC One.


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