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Killer Women with Piers Morgan: Amber Wright (ITV 29 Jun 2017)Killer Women with Piers Morgan: Amber Wright (ITV 29 Jun 2017)


Killer Women with Piers Morgan: Amber Wright (ITV 29 Jun 2017)



Piers Morgan continues his travels through the US to meet some of America’s most notorious female murderers in the second series of this terrifyingly revealing show.

In this second episode, Piers travels to Homestead Correctional Institution in Florida to meet Amber Wright who, at the age of just 15, conspired with a group of friends to murder her ex-boyfriend – an innocent teenage boy who was beaten, shot, and kneecapped before his corpse was burnt and his remains thrown in a quarry.

Described by the investigating detective as the ‘most dangerous 15-year-old’ ever encountered, Piers teases from this angelic-faced murderer what made a typical teenage girl conspire to kill Seath Jackson. Next Piers travels to meet Seath’s parents in Summerfield, Florida, for whom the raging grief still burns at the indescribably cruel loss of their son. Their visceral anger
stands in stark contrast to Amber’s cool demeanour. It soon emerges that Amber was a central player in the plot to kill Seath. But will Amber take responsibility for her actions? Was this merely an adolescent spat that spiralled into horrific, impulsive violence, or is the striking young woman who sits before Piers actually a cold-hearted killer?

Killer Women with Piers Morgan Episode 2 airs Thursday 29 June 2017 at 9.15pm on ITV.


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