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The Last Kingdom Season 2 Episode 4 The Last Kingdom Season 2 Episode 4


The Last Kingdom Season 2 Episode 4 (BBC-2 6 Apr 2017, with Alexander Dreymon)



Episode four of The Last Kingdom’s second season airs on Thursday 6 April 2017 at 9.00pm on BBC Two.

Guthred’s lack of judgement has divided Northumbria. Having sworn his allegiance to Alfred once again, Uhtred must travel North to defeat the brothers Erik and Sigefrid, take back Eoferwic and reassert Guthred’s authority.

Alfred spots an opportunity to remind Guthred of his duty to Wessex and sends Aethelwold to join Uhred’s riding party. But with the responsibility of ensuring Eoferwic’s future as a Christian region thrust upon him, Aethelwold’s judgement becomes clouded.

Joining Brida and Ragnar’s men in Loidis, Uhtred and the others discuss a plan of attack and turn their attention to Dunholm. Ragnar is intent on avenging Kjartan: can Uhtred come to his aid without defying Alfred?

Meanwhile, a confrontation with the Northmen brings a shocking turn of events and elsewhere, hostility is rife when Sven attempts to reason with Thyra. But will she want to hear what her captive has to say?

Pictured is Uhtred played by Alexander Dreymon.

The Last Kingdom Season 2 Episode 4 (of 8) airs on Thursday 6 April from 9.00pm-10.00pm on BBC Two.



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