Let’s Get A Good Thing Going Episode 3 (BBC-1 20 Dec 2017)

Let's Get A Good Thing Going BBC 2017

Four West Yorkshire locals get together to pitch dream projects to their community. These ideas could make a big improvement in their neighbourhood, but need a cash injection to get started.

Having donated to the community fund, residents of Wakefield gather in Ossett’s grand town hall to decide between four very different proposals.

Retired property developer Tom has a unique plan to get elderly people online by creating a drop-in centre. Community worker Adam wants to convert an unused room in a community centre into a free gym, while Trish wants to showcase the work of students with learning disabilities by putting on a special art gala exhibition. Finally, retired head teacher Sheila wants funds for an unusual therapy for dementia patients, using robotic cats.

The local community decides who takes home the money and makes their dream project a reality. Viewers catch up four weeks later to see the winning project in action, and see whether the runner-up projects have also garnered the support of the community.

Let’s Get A Good Thing Going Episode 3 (of 5) airs Wednesday 20 December 2017 from 9.15am-10.00am on BBC One.

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