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Line of Duty Season 4 Episode 5 Line of Duty Season 4 Episode 5


Line of Duty Episode 5 (BBC-1 23 Apr 2017, with Lee Ingleby)



Roz Huntley (played by Thandie Newton). What a player! Last week she completely demolished AC-12 and made Superintendent Ted Hastings (Adrian Dunbar) look rather foolish, accusing him of being sexist into the bargain (and yes does come across more than a bit that way with his “darlin'” and “sweethearts”).

Of course it means that the whole AC-12 investigation is jeopardised, made worse by the fact that Hilton has barred them from investigating further. Roz also made it plain that she knows Kate (Vicky McClure) is with AC-12, Steve, meanwhile, is still languishing in a hospital bed having been left for dead by a masked assailant at Nick Huntley’s offices.

Roz has dug herself into an extremely deep hole though and her relationship with husband Nick is on the verge of collapse.

Writer Jed Mercurio yet again has done a brilliant job at weaving a dark and tangled web. And no doubt what we think has happened and what actually happened will turn out to be two different things.

Line of Duty Season 4 Episode 5 airs on Sunday 23 April 2017 at 9.00pm on BBC One.



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