Love, Lies & Records Series Final airs Thurs 21 Dec on BBC One

Love, Lies & Records Series Final

It’s the final episode of Kay Mellor’s Love, Lies & Records and cricketer Freddie Flintoff takes on an acting role as a celebrity getting married.

Kate’s forced to face the reality of her choices when Rob discovers the photographs that she’d hidden – and secrets and lies come tumbling out with devastating results.

As Kate struggles with the decision of a lifetime, the team prepares to set up a sting with immigration to catch Marcia in the act. With the police coming in the registry office again Kate’s horrified when an emotionally raw Rob and Rick end up in the same room together and tempers rise.

But neither Kate nor the team are prepared for the shocking revelation that’s in store for them when the truth about Kristina and Amir’s sham marriage finally comes out.

Meanwhile, Kate and Rick officiate at a no-expense-spared celebrity wedding – but things don’t quite go to plan when the bride and groom realise they’ve forgotten something very important.

James is struggling with his decision to go back to living as a man when a couple of surprise visitors deliver some unexpected news.

Pictured are Danny (Freddie Flintoff) and Saskia (Amy Beth Hayes)

Love, Lies & Records Episode 6 (of 6) airs Thursday 21 December 2017 airs 9.00pm-10.00pm on BBC One.

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