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Mafia Women with Trevor McDonald Premieres 16 Feb on ITV



Mafia Trevor McDonald

Trevor McDonald returns to the world of the Mafia, in a new 2 part series premiering on ITV on Thursday 16 February at 9.00pm, this time gaining unprecedented access to the wives, daughters and girlfriends of notorious gangsters.

In these two compelling films, Trevor discovers how the choices these women have made affects their lives today and how those who grew up around the mob bear the scars of their father’s actions.

In the first programme, Trevor travels to Staten Island, New York where he meets Linda, the daughter of Greg Scarpa, one of the Mafia’s deadliest and most powerful figures. Despite his reputation for violence, Scarpa was also a loving father to Linda and this contradiction between family man and killer affects her to this day. She tells Trevor that far from being shielded from her father’s Mafia involvement, the bloodshed spilt over into her own life with terrifying and tragic consequences for her and her brother Joey.

In both New York and Florida, Trevor spends time with Anthony Russo (pictured right) – a former Colombo family captain – and meets his new girlfriend Amy (pictured left). Amy grew up in Florida, thousands of miles away from the mob-controlled streets of Brooklyn, and knew nothing of Anthony’s past when she started dating him six months ago. She tells Trevor how she has grown to love a man who is a convicted and notorious mob killer.

Mafia Women with Trevor McDonald airs on Thursday 16 February 2017 from 9.00pm-10.00pm on ITV.