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Make It Pop Series 2 Premieres Mon 5 Jun on CITV



The live-action musical comedy series Make It Pop, following three energetic girls with aspirations of taking the pop world by storm, returns to CITV for a second series.

Personalities initially clash when diva Sun Hi (Megan Lee), fashionista Jodi (Louriza Tronco) and bookworm Corki (Erika Tham) find themselves sharing a room at boarding school. But they soon become fast friends, not only learning to live in perfect harmony together but, with the help of fellow classmate and aspiring DJ, Caleb (Dale Whibley), the girls grow from roommates to bandmates as pop-sensation XO-IQ.

Catch a new episode showing every weekday from Monday 5 June at 5.00pm, starting with Think, in which Sun Hi holds auditions for a new band, while Corki builds a robot for Think Fest. Meanwhile, Jodi goes head to head with Alex for a fashion internship. Then, in Robomania, Sun Hi considers a solo career, while Jodi’s internship causes problems with Caleb. Next, in My Way or the Highway, Corki searches for her missing robot, who is busy giving romantic advice to Caleb. Meanwhile, Sun Hi and Linc work on a duet and butt heads.

Next up, in Oh, Boys, Sun Hi and Linc try to overcome their off-stage differences, while Caleb plans romantic gestures for Jodi. Lastly, in Potato Power, Sun Hi tries to fire Linc, while Corki enters her robot into Think Fest.

Make It Pop Series 2 airs weekdays at 5.00pm on CITV.



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