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Manhunting With My Mum 21 Aug on Channel 4Manhunting With My Mum 21 Aug on Channel 4


Manhunting With My Mum 21 Aug on Channel 4



In funny and touching documentary Manhunting With My Mum, TV presenter AJ Odudu and her match-making mum Florence are on a mission to find AJ a husband in Mum’s native Nigeria. AJ moved from Blackburn to London 10 years ago and crafted herself a career in television and social media.

She recently turned 30 and is finding it hard to appreciate her humble success as she has no one to share it with. But help is on hand, from her mum. Florence moved from Nigeria to Blackburn in the early 1970s as part of an arranged marriage. She’s disappointed that AJ hasn’t settled down and given her grandchildren yet, and decides to take matters into her own hands.

Drawing on the Nigerian tradition of parents arranging partners for their children, mother and daughter take a road trip around Nigeria in an attempt to find AJ a husband. In the town of Badagry, AJ meets Prince Joshua, who’s besotted with AJ and tries to woo her with a traditional drumming ceremony.

In Lagos, AJ meets 34-year-old churchgoer KC, who has stayed so true to his Christian faith that he has remained celibate his whole life, so AJ must consider the pros and cons of marrying a virgin. When she finds a potential love interest with musician Isaac, AJ struggles with the idea that in Nigeria the man’s ego has pride of place. But could getting to know Nollywood star Timini set her heart aflutter?

Prod: Kandise Abiola
Dir: Osca Humphreys
Exec Prods: Lucy Hillman, Sam Whittaker
Prod Co: Summer Films


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