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Mark Kermode's Secrets Of Cinema 5 Part Series Premieres 17 Jul on BBC-4Mark Kermode's Secrets Of Cinema 5 Part Series Premieres 17 Jul on BBC-4


Mark Kermode’s Secrets Of Cinema 5 Part Series Premieres 17 Jul on BBC-4



Mark Kermode’s Secrets Of Cinema is a major new series premiering on BBC Four on 17 July at 9.00pm. The five part series is a personal tour by Kermode, through the story of cinema hooked on the device of genres.

Kermode is definitely an entertaining movie buff, with his trademark blend of wit, passion and strong opinion, Mark explores the film-making techniques and storytelling secrets of an eclectic selection of movies – from Hollywood classics to the best of global cinema and from big budget blockbusters to art-house gems.

Each episode focuses on a different genre and in each Kermode examines a wide range of films and uncover the key elements they all share, while showing how film-makers have put on their own spin to keep these genres thriving – and to keep audiences coming back for more.

In the first episode Mark looks at one of the most popular genres of all. Sometimes sneered at by critics, but from the 1930s to the present day, some of our most beloved movies are Rom-coms.

Love, Actually Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant is the grooving prime minister in Love, Actually.

From Bringing Up Baby and The Lady Eve, by way of Annie Hall, When Harry Met Sally and Pretty Woman to Love, Actually (a particular Kermode favourite) – and recent hits such as The Big Sick and La La Land – Mark will explore the cinematic tricks and techniques involved in creating a classic Rom-com.

And from Hollywood to Bollywood via other gems of world cinema, this episode will remind us how, much like love itself, the art of the romantic comedy is international.

Mark Kermode’s Secrets Of Cinema Premieres Tuesday 17 July 2018 from 9.00pm-10.00pm on BBC FOUR.


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