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Meet The Trumps: From Immigrant To President (Channel 4 17 Jan 2017)Meet The Trumps: From Immigrant To President (Channel 4 17 Jan 2017)


Meet The Trumps: From Immigrant To President (Channel 4 17 Jan 2017)



In the week of Donald Trumps inauguration intriguing documentary Meet The Trumps: From Immigrant To President, which airs on Channel 4 on Tuesday at 10.00pm, takes a look at his family background to see just how Trump became the man he is today.

Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States and commander in chief of America’s armed forces: the most powerful position in the world. But who is Donald Trump? What’s he really like? And what does he really believe? To try and reveal the answer, this documentary goes back to his roots, to reveal the story of the Trump family. And it’s one of the most extraordinary immigration success stories ever told.

The programme reveals how Trump’s penniless German grandfather arrived in America in the 1880s, and ended up running bars and brothels in the gold rush. And how his Scottish mother travelled from the Outer Hebrides to New York and worked as a maid before marrying Donald’s father: a rich tycoon and master of self-promotion whose property empire laid the foundations of the Trump family success.

The programme also explores Donald’s intense relationship with his older brother, who was first in line to take over the family empire but went off the rails after succumbing to alcoholism. Once you’ve met the family Trump, you’ll have a better idea of what Donald’s about, and what he might actually do… With incredible archive footage, the programme explores the remarkable true story of how Donald Trump’s family created and then passed down a family culture of doing whatever it takes to come out on top, turning Donald Trump into the man he is today.

Director: Paul Berczeller
Executive Producers: David Glover, Mark Raphael
Production Company: 72 Films


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