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Mini Monet Millionaire Premieres 10 Jul on BBC-1Mini Monet Millionaire Premieres 10 Jul on BBC-1


Mini Monet Millionaire Premieres 10 Jul on BBC-1



He held his first exhibition at the age of six and by the age of 14 he’s already worth £2 million. Buyers from around the world queue up to pay thousands for paintings by this boy, nicknamed ‘Mini Monet‘.

The media love him. Blue chip companies want him to endorse their products. Scientists have sought permission to wire up his brain. But there’s a lot more to Kieron Williamson’s success than just talent.

This one off documentary is a family affair. With exclusive access to the Williamson household, the film follows preparations for Kieron’s latest exhibition. It reveals how his career is skilfully managed by his family. Newcomers to both business and the art world, they’ve had to learn everything – from keeping Kieron on the level to looking after his public affairs and growing fortune. And this is a critical moment in his career, as the 14 year-old begins the transition from child prodigy to adult artist.

Mini Monet Millionaire airs Monday 10 July 2017 from 7.30pm-8.00pm on BBC One.


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