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Mrs Brown’s Boys: Mammy’s Forest Premieres Christmas Day on BBC-1



Mrs Brown's Boys Mammy's Forest

Mammy’s Forest, the first part of a two part Mrs Brown’s Boys Christmas Special, will premiere on BBC One on Christmas Day at 10.30pm

As the episode begins something isn’t quite right in the Brown household this Christmas.

Agnes Brown has had enough hassle with Christmas trees to last a lifetime, so this year she refuses to have one. But with Grandad’s health a worry for everyone, is there something else missing this Christmas apart from just the tree?

Meanwhile, a fire at Wash And Blow leaves Rory and Dino with nowhere to cut hair – until Mrs Brown steps in. And Dermot faces stiff competition to win a contract. But is business partner Buster also up to the challenge?

Mrs Brown’s Boys: Mammy’s Forest airs on BBC One on Sunday 25 December, 2016 at 10.30pm to 11pm