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My Online Nightmare Episode 2 My Online Nightmare Episode 2


My Online Nightmare Episode 2 (Channel 4 18 Apr 2017)



My Online Nightmare examines remarkable tales of extraordinary scammers and fraudsters who used the internet to lure and con their victims, with terrifying – and sometimes deadly – results. This second episode looks at stories of romances that went disastrously wrong, beginning as whirlwind romances filled with promise but ending in deception, fraud and even bigamy.

Liz, a doctor from Newcastle, met dashing barrister Chris on a dating website. They moved into a grand flat together in the grounds of a stately home in Northumberland, but that was the start of Chris’s lengthy and elaborate scam, which left Liz penniless and her life in tatters. Meanwhile, William Allen Jordan committed some of the worst love frauds in history. He gained worldwide notoriety after he pretended to be a CIA agent so that he could defraud vulnerable women who were looking for love in Britain, and went on to have 13 children with eight different women in the UK and America. The documentary tells the story of his prolonged scam and his ultimate capture, thanks to the bravery of his final victim.

Producers: Sarah Lambert, Christian Watt
Director: Christian Watt, Owen Gower
Executive Producers: Edmund Coulthard, Alex Sutherland
Production Company: Blast

My Online Nightmare Episode 2 airs on Tuesday 18 April 2017 from 10.00pm-11.05pm on Channel 4.



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