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Nadiya's British Food Adventure Episode 2 (BBC-2 24 Jul 2017)Nadiya's British Food Adventure Episode 2 (BBC-2 24 Jul 2017)


Nadiya’s British Food Adventure Episode 2 (BBC-2 24 Jul 2017)



In episode two of her British Food Adventure Nadiya takes a step back in time, as she heads to the Peak District in search of the people preserving old culinary traditions.

She prepares for her adventure to the Peak District by cooking up the area’s most famous dish – the Bakewell Tart – and putting her own unique spin on the classic sweet treat.

Her first visit is to a mother and son duo who are continuing their family’s tradition of making the local, pancake-style delicacy, Derbyshire oatcakes. Nadiya gets hands-on as she joins in on the production line of this 400 year-old treat. Showcasing the flexibility of oatcakes, Nadiya employs them to create a potato and dill samosa twist to surprise her hosts.

Nadiya’s next visit is to the village of Hale in Greater Manchester, where she meets Jules (pictured), a professional artisan pickle maker. Encouraged by her grandmother’s pickling, Jules showcases her sour creations – and for one day only lets Nadiya take over her pickle stall to serve tandoori cod and pickled cucumber burgers to the locals.

Inspired by the rolling hills of the Peak District, Nadiya heads back to her kitchen for one final meal, using traditional, local lamb to cook sumac lamb chops with caramelised onion and crushed potatoes. (BBC-

Nadiya’s British Food Adventure Episode 2 (of 6) airs on Monday 24 July 2017 from 8.30pm-9.00pm on BBC Two.


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