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No Offence Season 2 Finale (Channel 4 15 Feb 2017)No Offence Season 2 Finale (Channel 4 15 Feb 2017)


No Offence Season 2 Finale (Channel 4 15 Feb 2017)



It’s the seventh and final episode of the second season of No Offence airing on Channel 4 on Wed 15 Feb at 9.00pm.

With Deering (Joanna Scanlan), Dinah (Elaine Cassidy) and Joy’s (Alexandra Roach) friendship in jeopardy, and Donna Calvert (Claudia Adshead) missing, the race is on to prevent the Attahs’ escape, but efforts to bring down the Attahs once and for all puts the team’s lives at stake.

The final action-packed showdown sees Viv Deering at her finest, deconstructing Nora’s (Rakie Ayola) family, and trying to repair the fractures that have crept in to her own…

Writer: Paul Abbott
Director: Robert Quinn
Producer: Simon Meyers
Executive Producers: Martin Carr, Paul Abbott
Production Company: AbbottVision

No Offence Season 2 Finale Episode 7 (of 7) airs on Wednesday 15 February 2017 from 9.00pm-10.00pm on Channel 4.


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