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My Online Nightmare premieres on 12 Apr on Channel 4



My Online Nightmare, airing on Wednesday 12 April at 10.00pm on Channel 4, explores remarkable tales of extraordinary scammers and fraudsters who used the internet to lure and con their victims with terrifying, and sometimes deadly, results. This first episode examines astonishing cases of sex fraud. Megan was 15 when she began dating 17-year-old Chris. They had frequent sex but always with the curtains drawn and Megan unable to touch him. The shocking truth soon came out: Chris was in fact 26-year-old Christine, who had, since childhood, identified as male.

Marissa was a troubled 19-year-old growing up in Alabama with her aunt Patra. They fell out over Marissa repeatedly talking to strangers online. To spy on her, Patra posed online as handsome older man ‘Tre,’ and started chatting to her niece. Things took a horrifying turn when Marissa asked Tre to kidnap and kill her aunt.

Gilles from Canada thought he’d found the girl of his dreams on a dating website. When he followed the instructions to meet his date he arrived at a garage to find a man in a hockey mask who attacked him. Gilles escaped but was too embarrassed to tell police. A week later filmmaker Mark Twitchell lured Johnny Altinger to the same garage, where he murdered and dismembered him. Gilles’s testimony eventually led police to arrest Twitchell, who was jailed for murder in 2011.

Producers: Sarah Lambert, Christian Watt
Directors: Christian Watt, Owen Gower
Executive Producers: Edmund Coulthard, Alex Sutherland
Production Company: Blast

My Online Nightmare airs on Wednesday 12 April 2017 from 10.00pm-11.05pm on Channel 4.



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