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Paul O’Grady For The Love Of Dogs At Christmas airs Mon 25th Dec on ITV



Paul O’Grady For The Love Of Dogs At Christmas

Paul O’Grady returns to Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in a one-hour Christmas special of For The Love of Dogs. In need of Paul’s love and attention is the heavily pregnant Bauble, a stray who was found wet and bedraggled on Hampstead Heath. But with the vets having no idea what breed of dog the father is, Bauble’s labour could be anything but straightforward.

Another soul in need of some festive cheer is Wilma, who was found abandoned in a park. Paul arranges a surprise visit to Great Ormond Street Hospital so she can meet some dog-loving patients! The children immediately fall in love with Wilma – but will the visit provide the boost she needs to help her a new home? Two dogs hoping for a Christmas miracle are Bessie and Red, a pair of charming bassett hounds.

These nosy characters are devoted to each other, but when it is discovered that Bessie has a heart problem, all their Christmas plans get thrown in the air. Will Red have to kiss his best friend goodbye and be rehomed separately? One Battersea resident not getting into the Christmas spirit is Chops the chow chow, an unusual breed whose name translates as ‘puffy lion-dog’.

This extraordinary-looking dog has a notoriously Grinch-like personality. Will anyone want to home this most ‘bah humbug’ of dogs? Other dogs Paul
falls for this Christmas include a sweet Staffordshire bull terrier called Forty who is in danger of losing her eye, and a massive German shepherd cross called Thunder – who gets rushed to surgery after swallowing a tennis ball!

Paul O’Grady For The Love Of Dogs At Christmas airs Monday 25 December 2017 from 7.00pm-8.00pm on ITV.