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Peter Kay’s Car Share returns to BBC One and iPlayer 11 Apr



Peter Kay's Car Share

Peter Kay’s BAFTA winning Car Share will be back on BBC One and iPlayer from Tuesday 11 April for four new episodes. Episode one will air on BBC One at 9.00pm with all four episodes then available on iPlayer. It will also continue Tuesdays on BBC One.

After being forced to commute together in a supermarket Car Share scheme, assistant manager John Redmond (Peter Kay) and promotions assistant Kayleigh Kitson (Sian Gibson) now find themselves reluctantly having to make the daily commute to work separately.

Speaking about the music that plays such an intrinsic part in the show Kay said, “we did spend a lot of time selecting the music, probably more than writing. We’re both fond of One Step Further by Bardo, which is in episode one of the new series. We both made our own video to it back in college in 1995.”

The episode details are…

Episode 1
After moving in with her sister, Kayleigh is now traveling on her own to work but will she manage to resist temptation or call her old Car Share buddy John?

Episode 2
John and Kayleigh are full of high spirits as they head off on their annual works do.

Episode 3
Kayleigh has had enough of work and fancies a day off but John isn’t having any of it. Or is he?

Episode 4
John enlists the help of his Nan to reluctantly wait in for a parcel delivery.



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