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Poldark Series 3 Finale airs Sun 6 Aug on BBC One



Poldark Season 3 Episode 9

In the final episode of the third series of Poldark, Prudie and Tholly spy French sails on the horizon and the area is put on alert.

George passes Drake’s smithy on his return from Parliament and Francis Basset convenes a meeting to devise the defences of Cornwall. Ross is put in command of a squad of volunteers while Demelza continues to be courted by Hugh in secret.

Emma admits she is attracted to Sam but cannot overcome her lack of religious faith, while George takes the fact that Drake is living in the smithy – on the edge of Trenwith land – as provocation by Ross.

He orders Tom Harry to ensure that Drake’s residency is short-lived and Tom is only too happy to oblige, leaving Ross facing threats both foreign and domestic.

Pictured are Prudie (Beatie Edney) and Tholly Tregirls (Sean Gilder).

Poldark Season 3 Episode 9 (of 9) airs on Sunday 6 August 2017 from 9.00pm-10.00pm on BBC ONE.